For the Things that Go Bump in the Night

Light of the World

Light of the World


The Christmas story never grows old, does it? –Probably because it keeps speaking to us no matter where we are in life.

This week, I was honored to have some of those thoughts, “A Light in Our Darkness,” published as a guest post on  (just below my bio 😉 )

In the midst of all the last minute preparations for Christmas, I hope you can take a second to be encouraged by the story anew.

Because, whatever’s going on in your life, Glory to God in the highest, He is the Light of the World!

Merry Christmas

6 thoughts on “For the Things that Go Bump in the Night

  1. Radka says:

    How much we need his Light in our dark times! Thanks for using your beautiful gift to remind us about Christ the Eternal Light piercing through the darkness of our worries, disbelieve and sin. Merry Christmas, friend!

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Elizabeth! Wonderful entry! May you and your family enjoy a wonder Merry Christmas!

  3. Laura DeNooyer-Moore says:

    I so appreciate your insights on light and darkness and their juxtaposition, and tying Jesus’s birth to His death. A perfect reminder: the night the shepherds first saw the Light is no different than how we, like bedraggled shepherds, can keep our eyes on that Light Who conquered darkness.

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