My Rearview Mirror

My Rearview Mirror
(Photo Courtesy of Visual Hunt)

With a title like that, I guess I could take this many directions.

For one, “forgetting what lies behind, but pressing on to what’s ahead.” (Phil. 3:13)

After all, it can be dangerous to always have your eyes in that mirror. Bumpers come up fast.

On the other hand, with five kids in the car, that mirror often became the eyes in the back of my head.

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No SuperMom

In honor of Mother’s Day,
here’s a post for the other 364 days…
[Originally written and published in my Kenosha News “My Turn” column]

Close-up of World's Greatest Mom--No one's perfect!

Close-up of World’s Greatest Mom–Longing to Really Deserve the Trophy

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so ugly.

At least as far as “dustables” go: Those trinkets you put on your shelf that just sit, collect dust, and look pretty?

Well, this one does the first two, but NOT that last.

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When You Spoiled the Easter Egg Hunt


When You Spoiled the Easter Egg Hunt

When You Spoiled the Easter Egg Hunt  (Photo Credit: Compilation of photos [w/o text] from Visual Hunt by St0rmz/CC BY-SA and  -mtnoxx-/CC BY-NC)



I’ll never forget the look on her face.

I was five, and we were on a school field trip, an Easter party at a park.

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Stuck on the Draft: When You’re Caught in a Holding Pattern

Stuck on The Draft--When You're Caught in a Holding Pattern

Stuck on The Draft

Ugghh! The draft.

Not the football one. Or the one that sends young men to war.

But the written one that sits for days, weeks, months, years, waiting to be finished. That lingers in your Word docs or your file cabinet or your WordPress admin labeled “draft,” waiting for you to hit the post button.

But somehow, something’s missing and you can’t figure out what. So it loiters, haunting you.

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Goin’ Fishing–Lessons in Parenting

Goin' Fishing--Lessons in Parenting

Goin’ Fishing–Lessons in Parenting
Photo credit (w/o text): from Visual Hunt


Cisco Cotto said it one morning on Moody Radio Chicago:

What if we showed as much patience at home as we do fishing?”

I’ll admit, I’ve not fished a lot.

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A Story of Loss on a Day of Love: When All Your Plans Go Awry

Be Mine: I wanted to be her Valentine

I wanted to be her Valentine

I wanted to be her Valentine.

A wonderful group of college peers had pulled together enough cash to let me fly home to see her. Back then, tickets were cheaper if you bought them 17 days in advance, so I counted my days and bought my ticket.

For Valentine’s Day.

Bags packed, I had a plan. My newlywed husband would drive me to school, we’d attend chapel, then he’d put me on a plane, and I’d surprise her as her Valentine. Or maybe she would be mine.

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When the winter’s been too long… and even the evergreens are brown!

As it’s April and I’m walking around the house with my coat on, I thought I’d post something I wrote a few years ago but never actually published.

Will winter ever let go? On this drippy day, the words still seem to fit!

Hope the words help you find some warmth!


Cold, cold, cold....

Cold, cold, cold….



And of course, Snow! Yes, on May 16th!!!

Anyone else notice those are 4-letter words?

and “Polar Vortex”? Well, with a [p] and a [v] AND an [x], it sure looks like one of those #!$%^#* words, doesn’t it?

Truthfully, how is it that something we all look forward to in November — the first snowfall, that chilly snap in the air, snuggling in a bulky sweater or a comfy blanket, and a sparkling White Christmas — looks so dull and mundane and monotone by March?

By May? There just aren’t words to describe it. Continue reading