You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

They named a drink after me. Usually had it ready the moment they saw my license plate.  I’d walk in the door, and the whole group behind the counter would call my name.

Yes, just like the TV show Cheers, only in a coffee shop.

It felt good to be known, like I belonged, like they were glad I was there, like they were waiting for me.

Funny how that works.

You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name
You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name
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My Rearview Mirror

My Rearview Mirror
(Photo Courtesy of Visual Hunt)

With a title like that, I guess I could take this many directions.

For one, “forgetting what lies behind, but pressing on to what’s ahead.” (Phil. 3:13)

After all, it can be dangerous to always have your eyes in that mirror. Bumpers come up fast.

On the other hand, with five kids in the car, that mirror often became the eyes in the back of my head.

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When Faith Becomes Visible: The Story of One Woman Who Did Not Forget

She prayed her family to Jesus

From Patty-Cake to Prayers

It was a moment to cherish.

There I sat in her living room watching this precious woman, my grandmother-in-law, play her special version of patty-cake with my fifteen-month-old daughter. I couldn’t understand the words (they were in another language), but the affection was clear.

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Honoring the Gray Haired–and Those Who Help Them

Kids: they’re kind of my thing.

Babies, toddlers,… middle school, high school, college… you get the picture. As a mom, as a teacher, it’s been a natural thing for me to write about. All in my comfort zone.

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