3 Ways to Enjoy Autumn Year-Round

Anybody else LOVING the colors of the season? I drive around town and just want to pull over every two seconds to take pictures! The only thing that stops me is I’m afraid people will start calling the cops because “this crazy lady is taking pictures of their yard.” That and the fact that sooner or later I need to get where I’m supposed to be going…

So the next best thing? Find a way to capture autumn so you can keep it year-round.

Enter: my latest post for MightyMoms, A Craft, a Snack, and a Story: How to Make Delightful Autumn Fun.

(By the way, the adjective “delightful” could also be termed “SUPER EASY.”)

And once again, while the post is on a site for moms of young children, I think you’ll love the craft no matter where you are in life. (Hint: Candles!)

The snack? Well, there’s apples and cinnamon and sugar… And you can make it in 5 minutes in the microwave. What’s NOT to love?

The story? Picture books aren’t just for kids anymore. But if you’re not into them, hey, there’s still the craft and the snack!

Why not check it out? It’s easier than trying to take pictures while you’re driving. (*wink)


A Craft, a Snack, and a Story: How to Make Delightful Autumn Fun

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