Nothing Beats a Great Story


Stories that

*Meet you where you are
*Show you’re not alone

*Give you hope

Because sometimes you wear the superhero cape . . .
and sometimes you can’t even find your shoes.
Writer, Teacher, Speaker

Elizabeth Daghfal

Born and raised in the South, I now live in Wisconsin and love it–-except for the fifteen months of winter.

When I’m not teaching or writing,– 

Who am I kidding? My husband and five kids say I’m ALWAYS teaching or writing. 

But I also love reading, singing, creating art, wearing flip-flops, and just trying to stay ahead of the stories in my brain.

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Taking My Wheels for a Ride
About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Daghfal

Taking a Ride on My Wheels

FacebookTweetPinLinkedIn I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of bad news. So when I got an email from award-winning author Laura Denooyer asking if

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Daniel 9 Oh, Lord, we have sinned. All this calamity has come on us, yet we have not sought Your favor by turning from our iniquity.
scattered kernels
Elizabeth Daghfal

Finding Strength Before Lions

FacebookTweetPinLinkedInShares58 I’ve been thinking a lot about Daniel lately. The Old Testament one. Not about his strength, his steadfastness, his willingness to follow God no

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Not There Yet

...nope, I'm definitely not SuperMom--and here are the stories to prove it... ​

Scattered Kernels

...those thoughts about life that spin like wheels in my head--and hopefully don't run me over... ​

Running the Race Before Me

...preparing for a marathon to celebrate my marriage ​

Art for the Soul and other creations--and how they affect my heart... ​

Other Scribblings

...sometimes some thoughts don't fit into any category -- just like me...

My Outside Publications

...finding me outside of this site...

About Me

...the me behind the words...

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