Out of My Hands

It’s hard. Just sitting, unable to make things happen, unable to change things, unable to move people or schedules or calendars. We live in an age where—anytime, any place—we can connect. And then, suddenly, we can’t connect with anyone at all. Because, while we have cell phones and emails and Facebook and Twitter and web pages, we still don’t run the world. We don’t make the sun rise. We don’t make it set. And we are not the center of the universe.


In fact, what if I’m not even the main character of my own story? Crazy!

And yet, I have example after example to prove it. How about you? Truth is, seeing as how I’m rather imperfect in my own little area of this sphere, I’d hate to see what kind of mess I’d make of the entire cosmos.

So if it’s true—that I’m NOT in charge—who is?

Good question. Let’s see… If I create a story, who gets to determine what happens in that story? I can listen to ideas and suggestions from others—and because I’m not perfect, I’d be wise to do so. But can any of the characters themselves really tell me they don’t want me to put them in a certain situation? Tell me they don’t want to have that struggle? Tell me they don’t want to meet those people? Sometimes as writers we claim the characters tell us things. But truth be told, as story creator, my fingers do the typing.

So who’s creating my story?

The same one who DOES make the sun mark our days. (Gen. 1:16) Who DOES orchestrate situations for the best. (Rom. 8:28) Who DOES know the best for me. (Mt. 6:8) And who won’t let something happen that doesn’t work for His glory (1 Pet. 1:5-7).

In other words, God!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming God for my bad decisions. My sins? Those are all on me!

But when I mess up, He is not surprised. And for some crazy, unimaginable, merciful, grace-filled reason, He willingly took all those sins on Him. He (Eph. 1:4-5) knew He would adopt me—save me—before He even created the world.  He created ME—okay, not before the beginning of time—I’m not THAT old (although some of my younger students think I was born before the world had color). But from the beginning, He knew He would create me!

So if He created me—and everyone else—if He makes the sun rise and set—if He hung the earth in the universe—and He’s so perfect He doesn’t need anyone else’s advice…I think I can trust Him with my story!

But sometimes I need reminders.

The other day, as I listened to the radio, Lauren Daigle’s I Will Trust in You lyrics suddenly penetrated my thoughts, and I realized her song said it all for me.


When the Lord doesn’t act just as I want Him to, I will still trust in Him.

So, yes—it’s out of my hands—but thankfully, it’s ALWAYS in HIS!

And on another note, isn’t it great that we DON’T have to depend on cell phones, emails, Facebook, Twitter, or web pages to connect with Him?

Thank you, Jesus!

This post is a part of my blog category “Art for the Soul” a place for discussions on “Music and other creations–and how they affect my heart…” I’ve long found that songs, stories, and paintings can help me adjust my thoughts and feelings in ways that a lecture never could.

How about you?  Did Lauren Daigle’s “I Will Trust in You” touch you? Is there another song that reminds you of the same truth? Please let me know in the comment box below OR on my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/nothingbeatsagreatstory


(All Bible verses are paraphrased from the NASB translation.)

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4 thoughts on “Out of My Hands”

  1. Hala Daghfal

    I love your idea that ” I am not the main character of my own story.” How true it is that we are created for His glory. I think that the Lord God is so humble to have counted us creatures for His glory. Not only that but He loved us. I do not think that I can love any thing that I have made, I do not love the dresses that I sew, the crochet that I make, or even the article that I write (not in the sense that I love my husband). I do them because I want to be productive, not because I love them. But He put His Spirit in us after He saved us and made us in a way to be loved by Him and to be able to love Him back, how glorious that is? No wonder we can TRUST Him. He is altogether lovely, praise His Name.
    Thank you for this well written, deeply thought and encouraging article. May the Lord bless you and continue to give you wonderful ideas.
    Love you tons,

    1. Thank you for adding these thoughts! Yes, He is glorious!! How in the world can He love me so much when I so often rebel?? If I’m making some new recipe, and it flops, what do I do? I throw it in the garbage, right? Or maybe–if she’d eat it–feed it to the dog. By all rights, He should have thrown me away–but instead, He died for me. Incredible!

      I’m working on another post now that I think you’ll like– although it might surprise you… Hopefully it will come out tomorrow!

  2. Lisa (Norment) Neal

    Luv your posts.

    1. Lisa,
      I’m so glad you stopped by to read them. I’d love to know your stories and how what I’ve written connects with them!

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