scattered kernels and not-there-yet

It all started from a newspaper article and a “let’s-do-coffee” date.

First, the newspaper article: a nice reporter asked if she could do an article on my family. Next thing you know, I’m labeled “SuperMom.”–Goodness! Not on your life!

Then, at a meeting at the local Starbucks, a woman informed me that “not everyone is as perfect and has it all together like you do.”

That did it. I had to show her. I opened my mini-van to show her: popcorn kernels…all over the floor…from when I dumped them three weeks before!

Thus began a series of articles at school, explaining the hilarious mistakes I’ve made as mom, wife, and all-out-goofy human being. Of course, I included some from my kids and husband, too. They aren’t perfect either.

Suddenly, I had people stopping me in the street, thanking me for the articles. Turns out, my imperfections spoke to them–because they realized we were all normal. And I realized–we spend a lot of time worrying that others will find out our mistakes–that they’ll see us as we really are. But, in reality, when we open up and laugh at ourselves a bit, we can learn from each other and grow.

So here’s to honesty and transparency. Some of the posts here will be adapted from those original articles, –because no, I’m still not there yet. …Some will be brand new scattered kernels: thoughts that start as hard seeds just dumped in a pile, but when placed near a little bit of heat, pop to lovely, fragrant morsels that satisfy a hunger.

It all makes me think of John 12:24:

“Truly, truly, unless a grain falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

So, enjoy! Can’t wait to see the fruit!!

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