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The 3rd volume:
Eleven heartwarming stories that will leave you encouraged and uplifted–including “All Will Be Well” by yours truly

A Poetic Story of Encouragement
because sometimes life is easy,
sometimes, not so much…

The 2022 issue of this heartwarming festive e-zine. Relax and find hope, joy, and peace this Christmas.

Vol 2: Three NEW heartwarming short stories filled with inspiration and hope.

Inaugural eBook–
A compilation of three short stories filled with inspiration and joy

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A Dramatic Object Lesson of Good Friday’s Grace-filled Effects

Forget the moon. My cow couldn’t jump the fence. But that didn’t stop her from trying.

Even the klutziest moments have a purpose.

Life seems drab–or, worse yet, too hot to handle? Hold on. He has a plan!

The Story of a Woman Who Did Not Forget

Dissecting what makes me tick

Remembering the woman who showed me what true beauty looks like.

An Open Letter
to My Sunday School Students

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A little longer than Insta,
and shorter than the full.

Because Nothing Beats
a Great Story