Where’ve You Been?

You know you’ve come face to face with your kids’ growing up when they start to nag YOU about getting your work done…not the other way around. The second of my college-bound daughters (can there really be two of them, now?) keeps hounding me, “Mom, you haven’t written a post since June? And you promised that couple to write about the best blueberry farm ever! Why aren’t you writing?”

Honestly? I am. It’s just that these days, I find myself writing most of my thoughts in my head while moving kids from here to there. And just like texting and driving don’t mix–(I love that quote: “Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet Him today”)–most cops also frown on laptop-typing behind the wheel.

But what of my moments in a chair that isn’t moving? With the price of gas, I know where every McDonalds is on my route for the day. So, if after taking a child from point A to point B, and I don’t have to rush another to point C before taking the first to another point D–(yes, I know, confusing, but that’s life, especially during the summer…)–I find the closest spot to sit with pen, paper, laptop, and a Diet Coke. And normally, I try to use those few moments to write all those thoughts that have been spinning through my head with the tires.

But this summer, I did something different. I read my Bible.

No, reading my Bible is not the different part. I’ve done that since I was able to read. A chapter a day. A passage a day. A Bible Study… My Bible goes with me most places, and I value it above all my books. But truly, up until recently, most of my reading has been almost textbookish: Who is God? How should I live? What would Jesus do?

In the past 10 months, though, life has been different. I’ve been through whole new mountains and valleys, many of them completely uncharted.

And often, seemingly, alone. As far as human contact goes.

For one reason or another, the “phone a friend” option wasn’t on the table. When it was, I found myself excited. “I’m going to call ________!”

One day it hit me. Why didn’t I feel that way when I read my Bible? After all, I know without a doubt, Christ is the Friend who will “never leave or forsake” me! (Joshua 1:5) And while those around me may try to be compassionate and thoughtful in their listening ear and timely encouragement, why not go to the Source: the Word of Truth, the Hope and Joy of my salvation, my Delight… I realized I wanted to be as excited to pick up my Bible and talk to Jesus as I was to call my best friend.

So, I grabbed the receiver–otherwise, known as my Bible. I found myself in the Kings and Chronicles–no, that wasn’t a misprint–Kings and Chronicles. And then Daniel. And then, in an incredible study of the word, “strengthen,” something I found myself desperately needing, I rested in Psalm 119…all 176 verses–as well as many other verses across the Bible that show us His strength when we feel so tired and weak!

To try to explain the richness I found in these books and verses would be like explaining the giggles and secret whispers of two teenage girls on a sleepover. I can say that sometimes it was like drinking from a fire hydrant or eating a Thanksgiving meal; I had to take several days to digest it all. Some days I felt like I’d just found a sweet oasis in the midst of the Sahara. And some days I felt His arms around me as I cried in humility at His grace for me.

And for those who are wondering, Yes, there were times I found myself scratching my head, confused, not quite sure I got the message straight… knowing I needed to call back, rehear the stories, and ask some questions of my own.

Will I get back to blogging? Obviously, yes, as I’ve just spent my last day of summer vacation sitting in a Starbucks typing this post. And, yes, I promise I WILL write one next about the best blueberry farm ever….

But for the past few months, I found that rather than worrying about my words, I needed to worry about His. Just yesterday, I read 2 Thessalonians 2:16, 17:

“Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who has loved us and given us eternal comfort and good hope by grace, comfort and strengthen your hearts in every good work and word” (NASB).

That’s my prayer as I go forward: that my words here–on this site, in my writing, and in my daily interactions–would be a reflection of His. That they would strengthen, comfort, and remind of His good hope by grace. And that, in the end, as you read my scattered kernels and my not-there-yet admissions, you would be drawn to Him as well.

His phone is never busy. And He doesn’t drop calls.

(featured image from Visual Hunt)

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3 thoughts on “Where’ve You Been?”

  1. David

    Loved this post. I need to spend more time on that phone myself.

  2. Hala Daghfal

    I love this. Thank you so much for posting this article. You certainly can write. Your thoughts are presented in a very eloquent and expressive way. May the Lord bless you and use you. Please continue to write.
    I love you tons,

  3. Christy

    Thank you for bringing me in to this part of your life. It is good to read your heart’s journey.

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