A Mother’s Strength

a Mother’s Day article

(originally written for Fountain of Life magazine)


It was the only time I ever called a radio station. At least so far. Who knows, maybe tomorrow another desperate situation will arise. That time, I was a young mother, and the talk show topic was how to keep your preschoolers busy and out of trouble. I called. And pleaded…

“What do you do with a three-year-old, a two-year-old, and two three-week-old twins?”

The radio host’s response? “Uhh, could you say that again?” Continue reading

Who am I anyway?

My daughter opened this tab and complained, “Mom, you don’t tell anything about you here! I thought I was supposed to ‘Meet Elizabeth.'”

Well, in case anyone besides my daughter wants to know more about me, here goes. It’s a bit longer than most of my posts, but of all the names I’ve heard, no one’s ever called me simple…

A “Good Weird,” my daughter called me recently.

An “Epic Good Weird,” her college friends added, when I found a way to cheer both of my high school daughters playing against each other one night on rival varsity soccer teams, one as a high scorer; the other, the keeper.

Sometimes, “Just Wierd,” they admitted… Continue reading

Not SuperMom… and Definitely NOT Perfect

(an adaption of my column originally printed as the first page of a school newsletter)

… I told you I’d take this space to write what I thought we needed to hear…what I needed to hear. This time, I thought maybe that might be an introduction of myself. Who is this former PTA president anyway?

Some things you may already know: mother of 5, my youngest in 6th grade, my oldest a sophomore in college, wife of 21 years, hold a degree in K- 9th grade teaching, enjoy reading, love to write, love to sing, addicted to Diet Coke. Some things you might not have known: taught in Africa before I got married, twirled a rifle in high school, born and raised in North Carolina, hide my southern accent because people used to listen to how I said it more than what I said. But after all that, I think sometimes people have little idea who Elizabeth Daghfal really is. A few weeks ago, a newspaper reporter wrote a very nice article on healthy eating, asking if she could photograph my family for it. The day the article came out, quite a few commented on it, suggesting a new title: “SuperMom.”

Now, that is not me! Continue reading