3 Ways to Enjoy Autumn Year-Round

Anybody else LOVING the colors of the season? I drive around town and just want to pull over every two seconds to take pictures! The only thing that stops me is I’m afraid people will start calling the cops because “this crazy lady is taking pictures of their yard.” That and the fact that sooner or later I need to get where I’m supposed to be going… Continue reading

When life gives you lemons–or a broken oven….

So, it all started…

(isn’t that how all “oh, no!” stories start?)

This time, it was with a phone call…from my husband who’d just gotten home…asking what we were burning in the oven. Not a good question when I hadn’t been home for four hours. And worse? The oven was still so hot, it burned your hand if you touched the OUTSIDE of it!

And remember, I hadn’t been home for four hours. In fact, no one really had. At least not long enough to mess with baking. It’d been one of those crazy nights when each of my children needed to be somewhere else–usually across town–every 15 minutes. One of those evenings when I put an easy 100 miles–“in city”–on my poor van…just traveling back and forth between high schools… No, supper hadn’t even been thought of, let alone started… Continue reading