In the Process of Being Fired

This weekend, my family and I had a wonderful getaway. Believe me, we needed it! Life’s been a bit crazy lately. And if you know my family, that’s saying something… because some people would say our life is always a bit crazy. The past four months have been more so than usual, with some days honestly seeming almost unbearable.

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Which Way Does Your Toilet Paper Roll?

(Adapted from my school newsletter column, printed Jan 2010)


Don’t know too many people who like it.

As a young mom, I never really minded changing diapers. (Did 8 in one hour once between twins and toddlers.) Didn’t even mind getting up in the middle of the night. But I hated the refereeing! Figuring out the he said/ she saids. Figuring out who started it. Figuring out what should happen next.

It was exhausting!

To be honest, it’s not much easier with adults. Sometimes it’s even harder. And as a family/ group/ community grows, both in age and in numbers—passing that newlywed stage, losing that “new house smell,” getting finger prints on the walls, …we start noticing each other’s socks on the floor, the toilet paper roll put on the wrong way, the toilet seat left up. (Did I just say that on my website??!)  Continue reading

Not SuperMom… and Definitely NOT Perfect

(an adaption of my column originally printed as the first page of a school newsletter)

… I told you I’d take this space to write what I thought we needed to hear…what I needed to hear. This time, I thought maybe that might be an introduction of myself. Who is this former PTA president anyway?

Some things you may already know: mother of 5, my youngest in 6th grade, my oldest a sophomore in college, wife of 21 years, hold a degree in K- 9th grade teaching, enjoy reading, love to write, love to sing, addicted to Diet Coke. Some things you might not have known: taught in Africa before I got married, twirled a rifle in high school, born and raised in North Carolina, hide my southern accent because people used to listen to how I said it more than what I said. But after all that, I think sometimes people have little idea who Elizabeth Daghfal really is. A few weeks ago, a newspaper reporter wrote a very nice article on healthy eating, asking if she could photograph my family for it. The day the article came out, quite a few commented on it, suggesting a new title: “SuperMom.”

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