Winning the Ultimate Competition

I hate sports.

For all those out there who just gasped, my family included, I apologize. But I just have to say, I really hate sports.

The idea of only one winner and everyone else the loser. I know. They say it’s good for you to learn to lose and lose well. It builds character and all that. Yada, yada, yada….

Okay, obviously I’m being “just a bit” tongue in cheek.

I’m very excited to recognize someone’s accomplishments, and I’ve run creative arts competitions for years with levels of prizes, making sure I credit something unique and special about each entered work. I appreciate the goofiness of giving EVERYONE a trophy; if you haven’t read Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, “Harrison Bergeron,” it’s a fascinating read. On the contrary, I love appreciating the gifts and talents that each child is given and coaching those to success.

But seriously, I’m SO GLAD we don’t have some competition to get into heaven. Some “he who performs the most good wins.” I’m so thankful that the competition was already held and won: Good vs Evil. Life vs death. Aslan vs the White Witch. God vs Satan.

In other words, The Cross.

Christ’s triumphing over the devil because we weren’t able to. Soundly trouncing His opponent in the greatest competition ever—the battle for our souls. Allowing us to join His team. Outfitting us in His jersey, a white robe of His Righteousness. A robe that, on our own, we could never earn. A battle that, on our own, we could never win. A finish line that, on our own, we could never reach.

But He promises if we trust in Him and His strength—His success, His victory—He’ll carry us across every inch of the race and across that line—to a glorious celebration of His glory.

All that said, I guess there IS a #1 winner. It’s Christ. Thankfully, He is willing to take us into the winner’s circle with Him, hand us His victor’s crown, let us drink from His winner’s cup…and gain the ultimate prize—Life itself.

No matter what I win or lose here on earth, I’m thankful to wear His nameplate on my back.

To Him be the glory!

1 Cor. 15:57 (NASB):
     But thanks be to God,
Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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2 thoughts on “Winning the Ultimate Competition”

  1. Hala Daghfal

    This is the winner article!!! I love how you brought the truth in a gentle and clear way. As I was reading, I wanted to jump and sing with every sentence you wrote. I truly love your writing, your style and your thoughts. Praise God for the only ONE WINNER.
    Believe me, at my age, I often hang down my face in shame every time I think of facing God. However, the Lord is always quick to lift me up reminding me of His Cross and His victory!!! What a God we have.
    Thank you so much for this great and well written piece of literature. I love you and love your thoughts.

  2. David

    I so look forward to participating in that victory parade in heaven… Just thinking of all the tears that will be wiped off, the pain and brokenness that sin brings and then you realize that the cross points to such an amazing truth: our God is not some impersonal Alien out there looking on from afar. He became incarnate took on our pain and suffering and took it all the way and nailed it!!! He Killed it !! in His own body on the cross and then rose again victorious !!
    That day when we see Him face to face will definitely be glorious

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