Rejoicing in the Miracle of Christmas

The presents are all unwrapped (at least all those that came in time—sorry, Sis—yours will be there soon!); the wrapping paper sits in garbage bags, waiting for that last go-through just in case some small trinket got thrown away; the tree is starting to drop its needles; and all the radio stations have switched to normal broadcasting. Christmas is over.

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The Perfect Gift

As the holidays are over, and we begin to find places for all the gifts we received, I thought you might enjoy reading this. Because some parts of Christmas we never pack away…

(Reprinted from my article in Fountain of Life magazine [] Nov/Dec 2012.)

It was the best Christmas gift ever! The kind that’d make you stop in awe, gazing, eyes sparkling as large as the glittery glass ornaments on the tree, an irrepressible “ahhhhh” escaping your gaping lips.

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