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In fact, why don’t I make some tea, and we can chat awhile. After all, my mom always said tea helped with any problem, whether it be physical, emotional or mental:

♦For a twisted ankle, prop it up and have some tea.
An upset stomach? Tea and toast
Broken heart? Tea and tissues….
And of course, for those days when you want to get away, tea and your favorite book…

have to admit, I’ve adapted this last one: I always love a good book, but my favorite chai also goes really well with pen and paper or my laptop!…Because for me, writing can also help with any problem. It’s how I process life: my thoughts, my feelings, my worries..

Don’t worry–you don’t have to love to write to be here, but I hope when you read what I’ve written, it connects with something inside of you..maybe makes you say, “yes, I’ve felt just like that!” Or at least gives you something to laugh about.

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In Him, Elizabeth


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