When the winter’s been too long… and even the evergreens are brown!

As it’s April and I’m walking around the house with my coat on, I thought I’d post something I wrote a few years ago but never actually published.

Will winter ever let go? On this drippy day, the words still seem to fit!

Hope the words help you find some warmth!


Cold, cold, cold....

Cold, cold, cold….



And of course, Snow! Yes, on May 16th!!!

Anyone else notice those are 4-letter words?

and “Polar Vortex”? Well, with a [p] and a [v] AND an [x], it sure looks like one of those #!$%^#* words, doesn’t it?

Truthfully, how is it that something we all look forward to in November — the first snowfall, that chilly snap in the air, snuggling in a bulky sweater or a comfy blanket, and a sparkling White Christmas — looks so dull and mundane and monotone by March?

By May? There just aren’t words to describe it. Continue reading

What Makes a Good Book?

Okay, it’s hard to make a general statement for everyone about what makes the best book. When people heard I was writing novels, some said, “I can’t wait to read them.” Some, “Am I in it?” And some, “I hate fiction!” Continue reading