Remembering Billy Graham

Reverend William "Billy" Graham--Just As I Am

Reverend William “Billy” Graham–Just As I Am

I met him once. Rev. Billy Graham.

It was a Monday night. A friend and I were on our way to Art Survey 101, and we had just reached the third floor. He rounded the corner from the hall, courteously dipped his head, and asked, “Would you know where the so-and-so office is?”

Okay, you know he didn’t really say, so-and-so. It’s been 25 years, and the tiny details are long gone. Suffice it to say, it was an ordinary question. And we gave an ordinary answer. “On the 2nd floor, just to your right.”

He thanked us kindly, and down he went.

But my friend and I? We were left staring.

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A Special Bond: A Boy and His Twin Sister

He gave a speech.

He thanked his teachers. He thanked his dad and me. He thanked the people giving him the award.

And then he thanked his twin sister. For their almost eighteen years together.

That Twin Bond

That Twin Bond

He paused, looked down, then said to her, “It’s hard to think of our possibly being separated next year for college.”

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Calling Her Blessed

She wrapped her presents with her eyes closed.

Baking Mom's Birthday Cake

Baking Mom’s Birthday Cake

Why we didn’t wait until Dad got home to do it, I couldn’t tell you. It meant no disrespect for him; he’d obviously helped us buy them. But each birthday and Mother’s Day, we stood on a stool by the washing machine and made Mom close her eyes as she helped us put her gift in a box, cut the paper, fold perfect crisp corners, and put just the right amount of tape on all the seams. As far as I know, she kept her promise and never looked. She always acted surprised when she reopened them…

We tried to get her to close her eyes while we mixed her cake, but I imagine she peeked a little there. Continue reading

a DIY Tree Rescue

To Save a Tree

To Save a Tree

My daughter asked it. “Mom, why is there a cloth sign tied around our tree?”


Because I am now officially a tree hugger.

See, we got a notice in the mail. From the City Forester.

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I’ve had a lot of them this year. Last high school soccer game for my daughter. Last high school track meet for my son. Last month we had the last piano recital for both of them–a special senior one, with just them and two other seniors, where they each played a number of songs and had us crying as the last note melted away…. Continue reading

Winning the Ultimate Competition

I hate sports. For all those out there who just gasped, my family included, I apologize. But I just have to say, I really hate sports. And competitions of all sorts. The idea of only one winner and everyone else the loser. I know. They say it’s good for you to learn to lose and lose well. It builds character and all that. Yada, yada, yada…. Continue reading

Saying Goodbye…

Think Marley and Me….Only a Golden. Like AirBud. And Shadow from Homeward Bound. But more beautiful. More loyal. And smarter. And sneakier. (On account of the “smarter.”)

The minute Teddy saw this box, he started jumping. He knew it was for him!

The minute Teddy saw this box, he knew it was for him!

You’ve seen the dog on the giant Milkbone boxes? You’ve seen my Teddy Bear.


When he was still a puppy, I took him to a soccer game.

A two-year-old toddled up. “I pet your doggy?”

“Sure, his name is Teddy Bear.”

His mom followed behind. “Are you petting the dog nicely?”

"He's not a doggy, Mommy. He's a teddy bear!"

“He’s not a doggy, Mommy. He’s a teddy bear!”

His response: “He’s not a doggy, Mommy. He’s a teddy bear!”

Actually with his giant paws, he looked a lot like a lion, so we almost called him Simba. But we didn’t want people thinking we named him after Lion King.



They always say I don’t know how to say “No.” This was a hard time to learn. Continue reading