For the Love of Reading

She got hacked.

Everyone who knows my daughter knows she doesn’t go anywhere without a book.

Can't Stop the Reading

Can’t Stop the Reading

Her case in a nutshell?

Abibliophobia: the fear of running out of reading material

Yep, she’d be close…

So when I saw this post from her Facebook account, I knew someone had hacked her page…or she’d been taken over by aliens ;-): Continue reading

Calling Her Blessed

She wrapped her presents with her eyes closed.

Baking Mom's Birthday Cake

Baking Mom’s Birthday Cake

Why we didn’t wait until Dad got home to do it, I couldn’t tell you. It meant no disrespect for him; he’d obviously helped us buy them. But each birthday and Mother’s Day, we stood on a stool by the washing machine and made Mom close her eyes as she helped us put her gift in a box, cut the paper, fold perfect crisp corners, and put just the right amount of tape on all the seams. As far as I know, she kept her promise and never looked. She always acted surprised when she reopened them…

We tried to get her to close her eyes while we mixed her cake, but I imagine she peeked a little there. Continue reading

Oh, the Places He’ll Go–Will He Be Ready When He Gets There?

The Dr Seuss One-a-Day Way to Be Ready for Kindergarten {Free Checklist]I’ll never forget the FIRST first day of school–Kindergarten–whether it was my first child, my fifth child, or the three in between! So many hopes, so many dreams, so many questions… with the first and foremost being,

Are they ready?

Honestly, on that very first day of their lives when I first held each of them in my arms–and those many sleepless nights thereafter–sometimes it felt like I had a lifetime before they would start school. And then SUDDENLY it was there! and I was watching them try to climb up the stairs of that big yellow bus with backpacks so big on their backs, they could be mistaken for Yertle the Turtle.

I waved goodbye until I could no longer see the blinking bus lights–and then I jumped in my car and followed them to school!  Watched them climb back off the bus, made sure they found their teacher and the line they needed to stand in, kissed them goodbye one last time as they filed into the building — and then QUICKLY strode back to my car where they wouldn’t see my tears.

It was a good plan–something I recommend to new kindergarten parents today–let the child get used to riding the bus when everyone expects him to be new at it, but also let Mom be Mom, with one last kiss before pushing him gently out of the nest.

I know many of my friends have been there with me.

But for others of you, maybe it’s just around the corner. You hear neighbors on spring break this week, talking about summer vacation soon. But all you can think about is whether or not you want to blink–because you know fall will be here before you know it, and then comes that FIRST first day of school for your kiddo.

Scared? Excited?

This week, I’ve once again had the blessing of writing for another site, the, this time with simple daily activities little munchkins can practice to be ready for Kindergarten. Many of these ideas I’ve seen work in the classroom. Others, I did with my own kids…  With all of them, I hope it will help both Mom and Kiddo feel more confident when it’s time to walk through those doors…

Interested? Check it out…

and if your Little One is already in school but struggling? How about going back to the basics and seeing where he is on these foundational learning skills? Maybe something will click that will fill in some missing building blocks.

And if you like it, feel free to share it for others to see!

You know, as Moms, there are a lot of FIRSTS… First steps, first words, first day of Kindergarten, first day of College, first date, first license… It’s all a part of letting them grow–and GO…

It can be scary. It can be exciting. But letting them know you want to help them be ready?

That’s priceless!

The Dr Seuss One-a-Day Way to Be Ready for Kindergarten {Free Checklist]

The Dr. Seuss One-a-Day Way to Be Ready for Kindergarten {Free Checklist!}


Moms: Celebrate the You that You Are–and Watch Your Child Benefit

Being Mom means sacrifice. That’s a no-brainer.

But when we ignore the unique mom that we were created to be, we cheat ourselves AND our kids.

My second article at is addressed to moms of little ones, but, truthfully, those 5 tips are for ALL moms. You were beautifully and wonderfully made! Let your kids experience your gifts and talents. You will ALL grow from the experience.

Click on the picture below to read Five Powerful Ways to Find Yourself in Motherhood

You don't have to get lost in motherhood!

You DON’T have to get LOST in motherhood!


10 Tried and True Toddler Activities–From a Mom Who’s Been There

Surviving 'Til Naptime: 10 Simple Toddler Activities to Entertain Your Tot

Surviving ‘Til Naptime: 10 Simple Toddler Activities to Entertain Your Tot

Excited to announce my debut in writing for this wonderful website, MightyMoms. I have such compassion for moms of little ones. As a mom of 5 myself, there were days I wondered if any of us would survive to their adulthood. This article speaks to some of the tried and true tricks I learned over the years. Continue reading

Celebrating 25 Years and Counting…One Mile at a Time

How to start?


25 years ago, he gave me a rocking chair…

or… 7 days down, 267 to go…

or… I’m afraid keeping this promise is going to kill me! Continue reading

When God Cried…

Christ in the Storm

Christ in the Storm

Jesus wept!

Not what you usually expect to read around Christmas. Or on New Year’s. But honestly, Christ didn’t leave His glorious heaven and come to this earth as a baby because this world was easy.

Sin brought pain. Death. And not just for those who are at that moment sinning.

The whole earth groans under the ache, all waiting for Christ’s return to free us once and for all from the horrid weight. The mass. That steals life and joy and peace.

So when Jesus came as that tiny baby, He knew what He was coming to. And when He grew to be a man, even though He knew He had a plan, had a way to rescue us, in fact WAS the Way, He still stood at the grave of Lazarus — and wept.

Today I went to a funeral. Of a four-year-old. And though we know without a doubt that that precious child is now in heaven with Jesus, my heart breaks for the parents as I know their hearts are broken. They have loved Christ. Served Him. Followed Him.

But today they buried their son.

There are no words.

And God knows! Because it is not just Jesus who weeps. But the Spirit.

“For we do not know how to pray as we should,
but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.” (Romans 8:26)

Perhaps there are others out there tonight who are desperate with pain. Wondering why. And how.

How it happened…How to keep going…

Come to Him. To Jesus. He is a big enough God to handle your questions. Your emotions. Big enough to hold you in the midst of it all.

We do not always understand what He allows, but we can trust His arms.

Years ago, in the midst of a devastating loss of my own, I wrote this poem. I pray that in sharing it today, it will bring peace and comfort to someone who desperately needs it. For “just as the sufferings of Christ are ours in abundance, so also our comfort is abundant through Christ.” (2 Cor. 1:5)

With Him

For many years, I walked with Him

and talked with Him

and wept with Him.

I sang to Him

and whispered secrets to Him

and listened to His precious words.

I leaned on Him,

and He was my Strength and Shield,

my Friend and Savior,

my Lord.


And then the bomb hit;

and in shock,

I sobbed against His chest.

Quietly, He wrapped His arms around me

and, stroking my shaking head,

let me cry.


Soon the tears dried,

just long enough for the anger to rise.

“It isn’t fair!” I screamed.

“You could have stopped it!”

And with each syllable and each word,

I pounded on His chest,

demanding a response

with the rivers flowing down my cheeks once more.

“You had the power.

You could have stopped it.

Why, God; why?!”

Quietly, He stood

and, with tears in His eyes,

let me pound.


As my anger was spent,

and my fists grew tired,

I collapsed against Him,


knowing He was my only Hope.

Quietly, He picked me up,

whispered, “I Love You,”

and, cradling me in His arms,

let me rest.


Some day I shall again walk with Him,

and talk with Him,

and weep with Him.

Some day I shall again sing to Him,

and whisper secrets to Him,

but for now, I rest in His arms

as He carries me over these rough sands of life.

He does not rebuke me for my sorrow

Nor condemn me for my anger.

He just holds me

     and understands me

     and whispers His love for me.

One day He will again set me on my feet,

and we will fight the battles together;

but for now,

in His arms,

   He lets me sleep.

–by His grace, ©Elizabeth Daghfal


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a DIY Tree Rescue

To Save a Tree

To Save a Tree

My daughter asked it. “Mom, why is there a cloth sign tied around our tree?”


Because I am now officially a tree hugger.

See, we got a notice in the mail. From the City Forester.

Continue reading

When the winter’s been too long… and even the evergreens are brown!

As it’s the end of April and I’m walking around the house with my coat on, I thought I’d post something I wrote a few years ago but never actually published. Will winter ever let go? On this drippy day, the words still seem to fit — minus the snow, thank goodness!

Hope the words help you find some warmth!


Cold, cold, cold....

Cold, cold, cold….

Cold! Wind! And of course, Snow! Yes, on May 16th!!! Anyone else notice those are 4-letter words?

and “Polar Vortex”? Well, with a [p] and a [v] AND an [x], it sure looks like one of those #!$%^#* words, doesn’t it?

Truthfully, how is it that something we all look forward to in November — the first snowfall, that chilly snap in the air, snuggling in a bulky sweater or a comfy blanket, and a sparkling White Christmas — looks so dull and mundane and monotone by March?

By May? There just aren’t words to describe it. Continue reading