I Still Do–Even When We’re Limping Along

I Still Do--even when we're limping along

I Still Do–even when we’re limping along

The goal was romantic. What I didn’t take into account were injuries. I guess I figured I’d be hurting. After all, I hate the sport.

But my husband loves it. It’s always been his release. So I never expected to be able to do more than him. Yet suddenly he was in major pain, and I was burning up the road.

That is until a few weeks before.

Then all bets were off. Continue reading

For the Things that Go Bump in the Night

Light of the World

Light of the World


The Christmas story never grows old, does it? –Probably because it keeps speaking to us no matter where we are in life.

This week, I was honored to have some of those thoughts, “A Light in Our Darkness,” published as a guest post on BeautifullyBroken.blog  (just below my bio 😉 ) Continue reading

3 Ways to Enjoy Autumn Year-Round

Anybody else LOVING the colors of the season? I drive around town and just want to pull over every two seconds to take pictures! The only thing that stops me is I’m afraid people will start calling the cops because “this crazy lady is taking pictures of their yard.” That and the fact that sooner or later I need to get where I’m supposed to be going… Continue reading

The Marathon of Marriage: When You Have to Run in the Dark…

For those of you waiting for news of our marathon training, it’s been uphill and down—perhaps more figuratively than literally because, hey, we live in the Midwest.

No, our town’s not as flat as some places, but once when my daughter was learning to drive, we had to practice proper wheel turns for parking on a hill—Uphill, turn your wheels to the left. Downhill, turn them to the right—Finally, I found a spot and told her to show me what to do. She pulled over, looked at the road, and said, “Ok, but does this hill go up or down?”

Our town is pretty flat.

Our running? Well, some days it’s pretty flat, too. Other days…mountains…valleys…even a few volcanoes in there. Suffice it to say, it’s still on the horizon.

But more about that at a later date—I promise!

First, I want to tell you more about this husband that I’m running with—not just in training, but in life. Continue reading

A Special Bond: A Boy and His Twin Sister

He gave a speech.

He thanked his teachers. He thanked his dad and me. He thanked the people giving him the award.

And then he thanked his twin sister. For their almost eighteen years together.

That Twin Bond

That Twin Bond

He paused, looked down, then said to her, “It’s hard to think of our possibly being separated next year for college.”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Continue reading

For the Love of Reading

She got hacked.

Everyone who knows my daughter knows she doesn’t go anywhere without a book.

Can't Stop the Reading

Can’t Stop the Reading

Her case in a nutshell?

Abibliophobia: the fear of running out of reading material

Yep, she’d be close…

So when I saw this post from her Facebook account, I knew someone had hacked her page…or she’d been taken over by aliens ;-): Continue reading

Calling Her Blessed

She wrapped her presents with her eyes closed.

Baking Mom's Birthday Cake

Baking Mom’s Birthday Cake

Why we didn’t wait until Dad got home to do it, I couldn’t tell you. It meant no disrespect for him; he’d obviously helped us buy them. But each birthday and Mother’s Day, we stood on a stool by the washing machine and made Mom close her eyes as she helped us put her gift in a box, cut the paper, fold perfect crisp corners, and put just the right amount of tape on all the seams. As far as I know, she kept her promise and never looked. She always acted surprised when she reopened them…

We tried to get her to close her eyes while we mixed her cake, but I imagine she peeked a little there. Continue reading

Oh, the Places He’ll Go–Will He Be Ready When He Gets There?

The Dr Seuss One-a-Day Way to Be Ready for Kindergarten {Free Checklist]I’ll never forget the FIRST first day of school–Kindergarten–whether it was my first child, my fifth child, or the three in between! So many hopes, so many dreams, so many questions… with the first and foremost being,

Are they ready?

Honestly, on that very first day of their lives when I first held each of them in my arms–and those many sleepless nights thereafter–sometimes it felt like I had a lifetime before they would start school. And then SUDDENLY it was there! and I was watching them try to climb up the stairs of that big yellow bus with backpacks so big on their backs, they could be mistaken for Yertle the Turtle.

I waved goodbye until I could no longer see the blinking bus lights–and then I jumped in my car and followed them to school!  Watched them climb back off the bus, made sure they found their teacher and the line they needed to stand in, kissed them goodbye one last time as they filed into the building — and then QUICKLY strode back to my car where they wouldn’t see my tears.

It was a good plan–something I recommend to new kindergarten parents today–let the child get used to riding the bus when everyone expects him to be new at it, but also let Mom be Mom, with one last kiss before pushing him gently out of the nest.

I know many of my friends have been there with me.

But for others of you, maybe it’s just around the corner. You hear neighbors on spring break this week, talking about summer vacation soon. But all you can think about is whether or not you want to blink–because you know fall will be here before you know it, and then comes that FIRST first day of school for your kiddo.

Scared? Excited?

This week, I’ve once again had the blessing of writing for another site, the MightyMoms.club, this time with simple daily activities little munchkins can practice to be ready for Kindergarten. Many of these ideas I’ve seen work in the classroom. Others, I did with my own kids…  With all of them, I hope it will help both Mom and Kiddo feel more confident when it’s time to walk through those doors…

Interested? Check it out…

and if your Little One is already in school but struggling? How about going back to the basics and seeing where he is on these foundational learning skills? Maybe something will click that will fill in some missing building blocks.

And if you like it, feel free to share it for others to see!

You know, as Moms, there are a lot of FIRSTS… First steps, first words, first day of Kindergarten, first day of College, first date, first license… It’s all a part of letting them grow–and GO…

It can be scary. It can be exciting. But letting them know you want to help them be ready?

That’s priceless!

The Dr Seuss One-a-Day Way to Be Ready for Kindergarten {Free Checklist]

The Dr. Seuss One-a-Day Way to Be Ready for Kindergarten {Free Checklist!}